Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fantastic Four!

Introducing Emily, Katye, Frank, and Jason*!  

Emily (12) can be described as calm and fun! She is very responsible and understands consequences. Her leadership abilities are demonstrated in groups where she will take the initiative. Making new friends is an easy task for her, as she is an extrovert. Emily has great communication skills, but her strongest qualities are honesty and loving others well. 

Katye (8) is a happy and active little girl. She is attentive to any instructions given to her and is responsible. Her independence is reflected by her ability to be a leader among peer groups. She is an extrovert and has amazing social skills. Therefore, making friends is not hard for her. One of her best qualities is being able to bond with adults and peers!

Frank (11) is a sweet boy who likes to take the initiative in activities and make friends! He is responsible and enjoys completing one task before starting a new one. Frank follows rules but sometimes needs to be guided to make good choices. When borrowing things from others he is careful not to lose them. Some of his best qualities are wonderful manners, being happy, and being respectful toward others. 

Jason (4) is an active little boy. Initially he is timid with new people but is fairly quick at making new relationships with adults and peers. Jason is a nice little boy that will share his toys with others.  Following rules is not a difficult task for him either. He is very loving and caring towards animals, especially puppies. 

As can be seen by the photos below Jason enjoys playing at the park! 

Could these four siblings be your children? 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Colombiagroup@gladney.org. 
Click here if you are ready to start your adoption journey! 
*The names have been altered to protect their privacy. 

Per Colombian law Gladney has received permission to advocate via social media for these children.  If you or someone you know is interested in adopting a child from Colombia or advocating for orphans feel free to share this link.  Please do not copy the photos or publish them 

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